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Gacha Neon 1.8 APK – Download mod

Gacha Neon brings a significant collection of custom items perfect for creating modern punk characters. With its vibrant neon aesthetic, the Gacha Neon Mod offers an exciting range of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles to enhance your in-game fashion choices. Whether you’re aiming for a cyberpunk look or want to embrace a futuristic style, this mod provides a good selection of customization options. It’s an excellent choice for players seeking to add a touch of edginess and uniqueness to their characters within the game.

How to download Gacha Neon

For Android users, downloading Gacha Neon is a straightforward process. Simply click on the provided download link, grant the necessary permissions, and start enjoying the game on your Android device.

It’s important to note that game may contain content unsuitable for younger audiences.

⭕ NameGacha Neon
✔ Last version15.04.2021
🏆 Mod developerElena
⚠️ Platforms:Android, iOS, Windows

What is new in the latest version Gacha Neon 1.8

  • More accessories;
  • More Bags;
  • More Clothes;
  • New – Scarfs;
  • Headless and Earless;
  • TV Head. You will need to adjust the “Head size” and “Adjust” settings. By the way, it can also be used as an object.

How to install APK

Gacha Neon requires a minimum operating system of Android 5.0.

To install APK on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources: Go to the Settings menu on your Android device and select “Security” or “Privacy.” Enable the option to allow installation from unknown sources. This step ensures that you can install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Download the Gacha Neon APK file.
  3. Install the APK: Tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process. Select “Install” to proceed.

How to play Gacha Neon on iOS

iOS users can also join the fun, but the process involves following specific instructions related to device settings, software version, and battery settings, and utilizing the installation without jailbreak.

For iPhone owners, the easiest way is to go to, find Gacha Neon in the list and click install the game.

How to install gacha on PC

To install APK on your PC, you can use an Android emulator. Android emulators allow you to run Android applications on your computer. One popular Android emulator is BlueStacks, which provides a user-friendly interface and seamless compatibility with various apps. Here is our instruction to install Gacha Neon APK on PC using BlueStacks.

Difference between Gacha Neon and Gacha Club

The main differences between Gacha Neon and Gacha Club revolve around the extensive amount of content available in Gacha Neon. This includes a larger number of characters, more clothes, accessories, backgrounds, and other customizable elements.

The latest version of the game has:

  • 3920+ characters from 10 different classes;
  • 50 poses;
  • 236 rear hear + 338 front hair + 108 back hair;
  • 237+ different clothes and accessories;
  • 294 props;
  • 495 backgrounds


Gacha Neon is an impressive modded version of the popular online game Gacha Club. It offers the same features as Gacha Club but with added customization options, interface designs, and exciting game modes.

With this mod, players can dive into a sandbox environment where they can dress up their avatars using an extensive selection of accessories, bags, skins, costumes, and expressions, and even experiment with headless or earless characters.

Here’s what makes Gacha Neon worth checking out:

  1. Extensive Customization: allows players to unleash their creativity by dressing up their digital avatars. With a wide range of accessories, bags, clothes, scarves, expressions, and headless/earless characters, you can personalize your characters to reflect your unique style.
  2. Neon-Themed Aesthetics: introduces neon-colored palettes and a vibrant urban vibe to the game. With new character models like Gacha DJs, Luni, and Ramunade, the game immerses you in a visually appealing world.
  3. Engaging Game Modes: offers various modes to keep players entertained. From the Studio mode, where you can create stories with your characters, to engage in PvP battles against other players, there’s something for everyone.
  4. Exciting Mini-Games: features neon-themed mini-games that add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Whether it’s Mascot Whack!, Usagi Vs Neko, Memory Match, or Lemo & Yuni Dance!, these mini-games provide fun competition and engagement.


Can I play Gacha Neon without downloading it?

No, you cannot play Gacha Neon Online without downloading it. It is a mobile game that needs to be installed on your device in order to play. It is not a web-based game that can be accessed through a browser without downloading any files. To enjoy the features and gameplay, you will need to download and install the game on your Android, iOS, or Windows device.

Is Gacha Neon safe for kids?

Gacha Neon is generally considered safe for kids, but it’s important for parents or guardians to be aware of certain aspects of the game. Mod allows players to create and customize characters, dress them up, and engage in various activities. While the game itself does not contain explicit content, it does offer a feature called “Lunime Chat,” which enables players to communicate with others. This chat feature introduces the potential for interactions with other players, including the sharing of user-generated content. Parents should be vigilant and monitor their children’s use of the chat feature to ensure their safety and protect them from any inappropriate content or interactions.

Can I play Gacha Neon on a PC?

Yes, you can play on a PC using an Android emulator. We have provided a detailed description of the installation process on our website. You can find the link to the instructions here.

When installing the error “App not installed”, what to do?

To resolve the “App not installed” error, it is recommended to uninstall Gacha Club before installing Gacha Neon.

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